Converted by a Reverend!

I first learned about Reverend Guitars at the NAMM show when I saw their booth and got a chance to look at their guitars up close. I was immediately drawn in by the retro-looking shape and design of the guitars and and was curious how they might sound. When I plugged in played their Buckshot guitar it barked like a Telecaster, but with more grit and power and no ice pick tone in the bridge position. The single coil "Greasy T" pickup is different than any other pickup I have played and is really versatile when grouped together with the bass contour knob that allows you to roll off bass at will if you feel like you need to adjust for a song or for the room. What you get with the bridge is a tone that is powerful and percussive, but thicker than a more traditional single coil pickup. The "Revtron" neck pickup is modeled after a traditional filtertron pickup, but is smaller and balances nicely with the Greasy T. I was instantly smitten and contacted Reverend Guitars right away to see about an official endorsement deal. Ken got back to me right away about working with Ripkatz and Reverend Guitars has turned out to be one of the coolest companies I have ever worked with! They are down to earth and really supportive of our music.

Check out the Buckshot and other guitars here: